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Welcome to
The Anguilla Sailing Association
The Anguilla Youth Sailing Club

The Anguilla Sailing Association is resident on the beautiful island of Anguilla, the northern-most of the Leeward Islands. Located just 8 miles north of the island of St. Martin/Sint Maarten, Anguilla offers some of the best sailing waters in the Northern Caribbean.

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The ASA operates the Anguilla Youth Sailing Club which is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the survival of the national sport of Anguilla while creating an environment that allows kids to learn and develop skills that will serve them well in life.
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Our Mission Statement

To help create an effective learning environment for all sailors; to treat all persons with dignity and respect and to actively demonstrate an attitude of teamwork.

About the Club

The Anguilla Youth Sailing Club operates almost year-round in Sandy Ground, Anguilla. Located a 1/2 hour ferry ride from St. Maarten (which has an international airport), Anguilla is 35 square miles (91 sq km) island with a population of about 12,000 residents.

The average annual temperature is 80 degrees F (27 C), and Anguilla has some of the best seasides in the Caribbean with it’s dozens of white-sand beaches. Sailing is the national sport of Anguilla and sailboats flow freely in their travels through the many bays. Anguilla is rather safe and known for its warm and friendly people.